After 7 years in business, Eco-Pro Construction has closed.

Thank you to our valued customers who have trusted us with solving your crawl space, basement, and insulation issues. We have appreciated your business.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Eco-Pro Construction LLC provides professional service for Maryland homeowners in need of crawl space encapsulation systems. No problem is too big or too small for our experienced team. Crawl spaces, although out of plain sight, play an important role in the health of a home. Their primary purpose is to allow easy access to plumbing, electrical and other such maintenance, repair and installation needs. Crawl spaces offer an expedient and efficient way to access pipes, substructures and a variety of other areas that may be difficult or expensive to reach otherwise. Older homes, in areas where basements are rare, have high foundations with crawl spaces that allow cooling air to circulate throughout the home.

Eco-Pro Construction LLC has the products and experience that you need to find the best solution. If you are unsure whether your crawl space could benefit from encapsulation, give us a call today. We offer complimentary inspections to determine the condition of the crawl space and make recommendations for the action needed to rectify any issues. Along with the inspection, Eco-Pro Construction LLC offers a no hassle, no obligation estimate for the work needed to update, seal and protect your crawl space.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation (sealing) is the treatment that turns a damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry space where mold cannot grow. In other words, encapsulation refers to sealing up your crawl space and keeping the moisture outside. Having an encapsulated crawl space comes with many benefits including:

  • Better air quality
  • Reduced risk of needing floor repairs
  • Greater energy efficiency (heating & cooling)
  • Avoid fungi/mold issues and structural damage
  • Enhanced home value
  • & More!

Who Should Consider Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation provides many benefits to homeowners as described above. Additionally, there are several indicators of a crawl space issue which would require encapsulation including:

  • Drywall cracks in the interior of the home
  • Uneven, soft or separating floors
  • Foul odors (mildew/must) in the home
  • Heightened allergies or asthma symptoms
  • Signs of mold
  • High cooling costs
  • Wet insulation
  • Sweating windows
  • Insect problems

A home is a system, and every part of that system plays a role that affects the rest of the structure. Since up to 50% of household air can flow up from your crawl space, it is crucial to keep this area clean, dry and protected from moisture in order to prevent unwanted allergens such as mold from entering the home. If a home’s crawl space begins to rot, grow mold, or experience structural problems, this could extend to every part of the home. Addressing crawl space issues early can help homeowners avoid costly repairs, create a cleaner, healthier living space, and save money on their utility bills.

How Does Encapsulation Work?

Our process of crawl space encapsulation includes completely sealing your entire crawl space from the outside environment. We apply a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier which will completely cover your crawl space – usually the floors and foundation walls. Sealing tape is used to connect the barrier pieces throughout the entire area. Once the vapor barrier liner is sealed to the foundation wall, we begin one of the last steps to the encapsulation process, applying a Demilec closed cell foam to all exterior foundation walls. This foam will be applied at a minimum of 2” inch thickness which ensures the crawl space is completely sealed. Even the rim joist area will be sprayed with foam to seal potential air leaks. Never again will you need to worry about this area flooding, growing mold, or letting in unwanted pests! A crawl space which has been encapsulated with a vapor barrier, can also create additional valuable storage space in a home.



We were in an emergency situation the day before closing on a home with mold in the garage. We had two days to get it remediated. I stumbled on Eco Pro through a google search and was so glad I did! Kim and Lindsey in the office could not have been more helpful in coordination a quick response. Joe and his crew were there the following morning and had everything cleaned up in a day. They were all so very helpful and an absolute joy to work with. Thanks to the entire Eco Pro Team! – Julie V.
Top notch company and the owner Joey came back out after the work was done to show us everything they did. Our crawl space is locked tight with everything we needed to help keep it dry. – Charlie Snead
Joe and Janet were absolutely superior in every aspect of my repair. My entire matter was settled from A->Z within just a couple of days as they have a sincere desire to help a homeowner in need. – Michael Bison
This is a top notch company. As a contractor – they were able to address all our crawl space problems. We didn’t have to have one company do one part of the job- and hire someone else to complete a second phase. Joe sat down with us and explained what needed to be done, why, and how he proposed to correct it. The workers were polite and professional. They cleaned up the job site daily. The work was completed on time and as promised. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Joe Janda and his company. – Gail Hepbron
I would highly recommend ECO PRO for crawl space work. They made my crawl space which was a disaster look brand new. The crew was polite and very professional. They told me up front how the job would be performed and in the time frame and they followed through exactly as they advised. Thanks ECO PRO for a job well done. – Ned McDonald
I’ve done a lot of subcontracting for EcoPro Construction. They always do a quality job and don’t cut corners but manage to do it in an affordable manner. I would not hesitate to refer Joey! – Danny S.
Have had several projects through Eco-Pro. They do a great job, communicate, show up when they say they will and the work is done well. Can’t say enough nice things about Joe and his crew. – Heather P.
I never did thank you for the wonderful job you did at our home. We were not living there at the time so I could not comment on the commitment of your workers when you are not on the job. I been so impressed today. I am so glad that Tim recommended you to us. I hope you take the time to commend these young men working across the street. We will continue to recommend your company to others. – Jim and Brenda.
I worked as an office manager for this company for a few months. There’s not one bad word I could say about Joe Janda (owner), the work he does or Eco-Pro in general. His work is flawless and so are his prices. Customers always came first and everything was always done in a timely manner. I was sad to leave this company as I was moving on to a new opportunity but I will always highly recommend them! – Jessie A.
Excellent. Joe Janda went above and beyond for me, and I am so grateful. – Miranda Raggio
We selected Eco-Pro Construction from among 3 local vendors after an interview process. The crawl space work required a vinyl liner on the ground, the piers, the walls, two properly installed sump pumps and french drains, installing a new dehumidifier, removal of all batt insulation, scrubbing and spraying all joists, spray foam of all band joists and walls, sealing all vents and other foundation gaps and building/installing a new crawl space door. His total cost ended up being about half of the other two estimates of the other two companies we interviewed and the warranty is far better. He recommended going with a particular HVAC vendor for the 2 HVAC systems needing replacement due to mold and, after extensive and lengthy interviews, we did hire his recommended firm. Both did great jobs. Eco-Pro was patient with us as we spent weeks doing the HVAC firm selection, since the HVAC replacement needed to be done before much of the mold remediation/encapsulation done quickly and thoroughly. It was done exactly as described in the contract. He was responsive to emails and calls and promptly corrected a final inspection issue. We are hoping we never need his services again! – Christopher W
We hired Eco-Pro Construction to encapsulate our crawl space at our Salisbury office. Joe and his crew did a great job, the price was right, and they did what they said they were going to do. Can’t ask for more! Highly recommend!!! – B. Sause
Answers calls, quick estimates, reasonable start date, quality job when finished. – Jay Cappa
We Hired Eco-Pro to encapsulate our crawlspace at our Salisbury office. Joe and his crew did a great job, the price was right and they did what they said they were going to do. Can’t ask for more. Highly recommend!!! – Brett Sausa


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